September 22, 2017

Five on Friday (September 2017)...

Happy Friday! I'm having a very hard time coming to terms with Summer being over and Fall officially beginning and the only thing getting me through is the idea of being able to start decorating for Halloween and that it's now finally acceptable to bring out my boots and scarves. Goodbye Summer 2017, I'll miss you! 
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I haven't done a Five on Friday post in a hot minute but I have some spare time before I have to leave for work so here we go!

Summer is now officially over and I'm more than a little upset about it. I feel like I barely got to enjoy Summer and I definitely didn't come close to crossing everything off of my Summer Bucket List (whomp whomp). The only thing that will get me through the next few months is counting down to Halloween and Christmas, my two favourite holidays. 

I didn't really get to do much shopping while in the Twin Cities last weekend for the Jays games - we went to a game each day so there just weren't enough hours in the day - so my plan to start Christmas shopping while I was there was dashed. But since I made it one of my goals for September to get started on my Christmas shopping I'm going to start online this weekend and then hopefully find some things when I head to the Queen City on Tuesday for my orthodontist appointment. A new HomeSense and Marshalls just opened up in the area of the city I'll be in and I can't wait to check it out! 

This Is Us was released on Canadian Netflix on Wednesday and I cannot wait to start bingewatching it! I've only seen the first two episodes because I couldn't keep up with it in real time so I'm hoping I can watch Season 1 and then will be able to keep up with it this year. Also, Beauty and the Beast was released on Tuesday and even though I've already seen it I was so excited to see that it would be on Netflix PLUS Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy will be on there by the end of the month so for once I won't be spending what feels like hours trying to decide what to watch! 

Today is payday - halle-freakin-lujah. Payday Fridays are my favourite Fridays. I've been so good with my budget lately but with Fall approaching (and now here) I've been so tempted to go crazy with the spending. I tried a few things on at Lululemon at the MOA that I LOVED and planned on ordering over the next few months but now that I tried them on I just want them NOW. I also told myself last year when I finally threw away my beaten up 8 year old UGGS that I would buy myself a new pair for Christmas 2017 and I also just want them now. I did buy myself the Michael Kors jet set wallet (that matches my tote) while at the outlet in Eagan over the weekend so I have to keep reminding myself of that and that I need to slowly buy things to stay on budget and that I don't need everything all at once. It's just that once I have an idea in my head it's hard to reign myself in. If someone could send me some willpower that would be great. 

I'm almost done my Fall Bucket List (hoping to have it posted on Monday) and even though Fall isn't my favourite season I am excited to get working on crossing off things on my list so at least I have that to help me get over my sadness that Summer is 252 days away. Not that I'm counting...

Have a great weekend!

September 13, 2017

Bird Watching 2017...

It's almost time for bird watching y'all! Yes, the Blue Jays are officially out of the playoff race (I still love them anyways...) BUT I'm still excited because it's been over a year since I've seen them play live and even though I still love watching them on TV it just doesn't compare to the real thing.

After buying the tickets to the games back in February it seemed like it would be forever before I'd be in the Twin Cities for the series but it actually seems like I was just paying for the tickets yesterday and now here we are, heading on the road to the Twin Cities this afternoon to take in 4 games (and be there for my nieces, nephew, and Mama Bears first MLB game!).

My Mama and Aunt Linda and Uncle Gary are taking the train to St.Paul tonight so they will actually beat me and my brother and SIL to the cities. We're driving, leaving around 1:30 this afternoon, but are only going as far as Fargo or Fergus Falls tonight (depends how tired we are/fussy Quade is) and then will finish the rest of the drive tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed Quade does good on the drive!

My Mama is getting MN to pick her and my Aunt and Uncle up at the train station in the morning and they are all going for breakfast at the Uptowner since they can't check into their hotel until mid afternoon and they should be in the cities by 8:00 (as long as the train is on time). To say that I'm jealous would be an understatement! I'm also slightly nervous about what my Mama or Aunt and Uncle might say while I'm not there. Eeeek! 

My sister and her girls aren't leaving until late tomorrow night so they won't get to the cities until Friday afternoon. We really don't have many concrete plans, aside from the Jays games, so we need to figure out our plans asap! I know there will be some time spent at the MOA and I mentioned the outlets in Eagan to my Mama so she wants to check those out. MN wants to take my brother to a couple of local breweries and I'm sure there will be a trip to Target fit in there somewhere as well. My brother and SIL plan on getting a start on some Christmas shopping and my nieces will have birthday money to spend so there will definitely be a bit of shopping happening. I don't normally go shopping while I'm in the cities because I know MN would rather do anything else than follow me around as I shop so I need to get it in while everyone else is too! 

I've been wanting the Align II pants from Lululemon for forever and I almost ordered them online awhile back but the reviews were really back and forth on the fit so I want to try a pair on while I'm at the MOA and go from there. If I do like them I'll probably still wait and purchase them online when I'm home to say myself money with the exchange rate (though it's definitely getting better!). 

Now that I've rambled about pretty much nothing (it's early and I'm delirious and not yet caffeinated so please forgive me haha) it's time to get my butt in gear and finish packing so I can actually leave on time this afternoon. I've been wide awake since 3:00 am but forced myself to lay in bed and try to get a little more sleep (it didn't work...) so now it's 4:00 am and I'm quickly getting this out of the way so I can get on with packing and showering to get ready for my half day of work. I'll be back next week (with a recap I'm sure) and I've got some posts in the works to make sure I hit my goal of 8 published posts this month so hopefully I'll get a few of those up too. 

Happy Humpday!